Stedlands Farm.

Location: Haslemere
Date: 2022

This client approached Heronlake following a recommendation from an architect. They’d identified an opportunity to remodel a part of their home. They wanted it to be more comfortable and usable; a living space that blended seamlessly with the rest of the property. 


Since the client had already renovated the main part of the house, this section needed a new lease of life to bring everything together as one cohesive, beautiful home. 

Renovating a Grade II listed building 

The section we worked on – the right wing of the house – was a Grade II listed building. This type of property comes with its own set of limitations to work around, from finding ways to maintain its character to holding onto existing features, all while trying to make it feel like a natural part of the whole house. 


An older, listed building tends to be uneven, and introduces other complexities such as small passages, tight corners, tricky angles, and curved walls. We took on some extra structural work to overcome all of this, and to be sure the new part was finished to an exceptional standard and blended well with the existing home.  

Stand-out features of Stedlands Farm 

Building regulations dictated we build an extra staircase in the property. So, we created a trap door from one of the bathrooms leading to a utility room, elevating the client’s living space and bringing functionality into the equation. We also added a wine cellar and crafted a patio – perfect for alfresco dining. 


The final result is a unique home that proudly showcases its existing features while blending all parts, new and old.