Location: Farnham
Date: 2023

Following a recommendation from an architect, this client approached Heronlake with a request to completely demolish their bungalow and replace it with an impressive two-storey home. 


With two children and a large dog, the family wanted to maximise on space and bring in some sound-proofing qualities, but were reluctant to relocate as they loved their Farnham location. So, we uncovered ways to make the most of their land with a new build that made the existing site almost unrecognisable.  

Taking this renovation up a level 

With the old bungalow demolished and disposed of by Heronlake, we got to work bringing the architect’s drawings to life. We managed just about everything from the foundations to the unusual details that now run through the property’s interior. 


Heronlake worked on the roofing, plumbing, heating, electrics, joinery, decorating, timber floors, panels and tiles. Plus, we built a brand-new patio for the back of the house, and transformed the front drive with fresh gravel, new walls, and greenery. 


We collaborated with a SIPs supplier to install a modern, high-spec insulated panel system throughout the home. This will go on to reduce energy costs, deliver healthier indoor air, and have a positive impact on the planet. 

Stand-out features of Septembers 

Now a unique family home, this client wanted a property that didn’t blend in with others; they were looking for something a bit quirky. This is clear from the moment you take a look at the property exterior. We opted for three completely different finishes on separate sections of the house, with brick, rendering and black timer cladding sitting side-by-side. A slate roof and aluminium windows throughout bring cohesion to the house. 


On the inside is a mix of the old and the new. From exposed brick to a vaulted ceiling that makes the master bedroom big and bright, and mosaic tiles in the bathroom depicting underwater scenes, this home is now anything but ordinary.