Location: Haslemere
Date: 2021

Although based in a highly desirable area on a good plot of land, our client’s original bungalow wasn’t quite big enough for their family. They decided they didn’t want to move, so instead, they contacted Heronlake to create the house of their dreams.

Working with the client and an architect, we added a new first floor to the home. While the ground floor stayed the same size, we refurbished the whole thing to transform the bungalow into a large, highly-specced family home.

The next level in family living.

The client came to us with a strong vision for design and finishes, preferring a modern look for their home. We acted as their partner, taking their vision onboard, providing our recommendations, and solving problems as they cropped up. At every stage, we strived to work around challenges to bring our client’s ideas to life.

To make this happen, we gutted the home back to its basic shell and knocked down some walls on the ground floor to open up the space. We added the first floor and took care of everything – from re-plumbing, re-wiring and re-heating to flooring and other finishes. We worked alongside a kitchen company that designed and built the client’s new kitchen.

To protect the home from the elements, we added a tin hat (a temporary aluminium roof) during construction.

Stand-out features of Kingsley Cottage.

The ideas brought to the project by the client transformed Kingsley Cottage into a unique family home. They included contemporary concrete designs on select interior walls and astroturf flooring in one of the children’s bedrooms.

The dining room has a new living wall, which was created by the client, while we designed and custom-built a stunning curved staircase. We also fitted a bespoke front door built by a joiner, and installed a large roof light that had to be craned in.

Looking at the home from the outside, there’s a striking contrast between the different types of brickwork and the rendering. The chosen materials pull everything together for one cohesive and beautiful property.