Location: Wandsworth
Date: 2018

Our client wanted to revamp their home to create a light and airy living space at the rear while keeping the continuity and flow between the inside and outside. As a long, thin townhouse, the best option was to extend out the back while refurbishing the rest of the property.

We partnered with Chris Medland of One World Design Architects to transform the space, bringing in elements that would create the client’s ideal contemporary look and feel.

Bringing the outside in.

This was a whole-house project, so the client moved out to give us the space to work. We delivered a full refurbishment throughout all four storeys, as well as the half-level at the top of the house.

Our client has strong environmental values and wanted to reflect this in the design of their home. We achieved this by bringing natural elements into the picture. They opted for a wooden island in the kitchen, a leafy feature wall that goes from the interior to the exterior, and generous glazing for plenty of natural light.

“We are delighted with the transformation of our house and we actively enjoyed the process!”

Herondale client, 2018

Stand-out features of Herondale.

With the property being situated in an area of rising house prices, we used space in smart ways to make the most of what we had.

A curved roof at the back of the home contributed to its modern aesthetic. The process involved steelwork to make the roof structurally sound, and while it presented some challenges, the end result was stunning.

We added more interest to the space with the use of levels, with steps down into the kitchen from the back of the house, and steps up to the garden. Feature lighting highlighted unique elements throughout the interior and exterior of the home.